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The Hanstholm Fortress Today

The Hanstholm Fortress Today

Today the whole area surrounding 1/MAA 118 and 2/MAA 118 is publicly accessible.

All the bunkers is still left and several is accessible.

The emplacement for gun number 3 in 2/MAA 118 are made into a museum and in 2002 a documentation center was added and merged together with the gun emplacement.

The primary theme for the exhibition is “The Atlantic Wall” – The chain of fortresses from Norway to Spain that Hitler commanded build from 1942 to 1944.

The exhibition are concentrated on the works in Denmark and takes a naturally basis in the “Hanstholm Fortress”.

Visit the documentationscenter – There are lots of very exciting things to look at and learn about !

Map over the 2/MAA 118 Area

Photos of the Documentations Center

Recent photos of the area

1/MAA 118
View over the Documentations Center