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Terms and abbreviations

Terms and abbreviations



Building strength of bunkers in the Regelbau-system. “Baustärke A” has a minimun wall thickness of 2 mtr. and “Baustärke B” a thickness of 3,5 mtr.



Vertical movement of a gun barrel.



Flugzeug Abwehr Kanone” – Anti Aircraft Gun.



Small village on the cape named “Hanstholm”.


A town in northern Thy. Until 1960 was it the name of the cape where the town Hanstholm lies today.



The German Navy.


City in southern Norway. Closest to Denmark (Hanstholm).



Marine Artillerie Abteilung. Artillery Unit in the German Navy.

“MAA 118”

Marine Artillery Unit stationed in Hanstholm and Agger area.


Marine Flak Abteilung. AA-unit in the German Navy.

MFlA 814

AA-unit stationed in the Hanstholm area, protecting 1/MAA 118 and 2/MAA 118.



Panzerabwehr Kanone” – Anti Tank Gun.



A german standard system for building bunkers and fortifications.



The strait between Denmark and Norway.



A region in northwestern Jutland.