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Fortification Area

The fortification in Hanstholm covered in 1945 an area of over 9 square kilometers.

The germans had classified the area as "Verteidigungsbereich" (Defence Area) which meant that the fortification should secure an area of special importance, namely the 17 cm and the 38 cm gun batteries (1/MAA 118 and 2/MAA 118).

The area had several hundreds bunkers, where the heaviest had a wall thickness of up to 3,5 meters.

Besides the 2 main batteries, where were over 60 AA-guns with calibres from 2,0 cm to 10,5 cm.

For perimeter protection the area were covered by over 30 mortars of various calibres, 11 anti-tank guns and over 150 machine guns nests.

Aside the active protection, the whole area were packed with mine fields, anti tank trenches and lots of barbed wire.

To man the installations, where were approx. 6.000 soldiers from the german Kriegsmarine (Navy) and Heer (Army).


1 = 5/MFlA 814, 2 = 1/MAA 118, 3 = 2/MFlA 814, 4 = 2/MAA 118, 5 = MAA 118, 6 = 4/MFlA 814, 7 = Mammuth Radar
8 = 3/MFlA 814, 9 = Cheating Battery, 10 = 1/MFlA 814, 11 = Würzburg Riese Radar

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