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1/MAA 118

1/MAA 118

The contruction of the battery was already started April 12. 1940 and was the first permanent fortification the germans build at Hanstholm.

The battery was armed with four 17 cm ship guns and was supposed to cover the gap under land in the german mine blockade in Skagerrak.

1/MAA 118 – Battery Area

An overview of the area where 1/MAA 118 was located south of Hanstholm.

The name of the battery was “Hanstholm I”.

K17 = 17 cm gun in bunker | K = Cannon | HI = Main Fire Control
A = Munitions bunker | M = Bunker for crew

The 17 cm Ships Guns

The four guns was typed 17 cm SK L/40 and was formerly used as secondary armament on german “Schleswig-Holstein” class battle-ships.

The guns were in place in the early days of May 1940 and test shooting were performed. At first the guns were placed in open positions, but moved to concrete bunkers (M270) in early 1944.

The Gun Emplacements

The bunker type for the 17 cm guns in 1/MAA 118 was M270 in the german “Regelbau”-system.